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We get it, arthritis can be disruptive to your desired lifestyle. But the daily wear and tear of our joints is inevitable. And if you’re already suffering from this condition, it’s important that you recognize the things you do everyday that could actually be making your problem worse.

1.  Not recognizing your limitations

Growing up, the value of pushing yourself harder has always been highlighted. But when it comes to your physical limitations as an arthritic patient? This can actually just lead you to experiencing more pain.

Listen to what your body tells you and don’t go beyond what is comfortable. That’s not to say that you should completely forget trying, but at this point in your life, you should definitely be more conscious about what you can and can’t do.

2. Not taking time to rest

We live fast paced lives. It seems that’s how it has always been in the last few decades. But with everything you do, remember to take a breath and relax.

Without taking the time stop and rest, your body will experience fatigue and pain, which needless to say will worsen your condition.

3. Being lazy

All these warnings about pushing yourself too much lead a lot of chronic sufferers to assume that exercising should be completely taken out of their daily routine. Not true at all. Exercise is still an important and critical activity that arthritis sufferers should engage in, just make sure that you pace yourself carefully.

4. Being careless about your medications

If you’re busy, distracted, and unfocused, you ultimately forget about little details about your everyday routine—such as taking your medication on time. Physicians provide medication following specific directions so that your body gets the most out of it. Skipping your medication can have dire consequences so be more mindful.

5. Staying up late

A full night’s rest is an integral part of maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of chronic arthritis sufferers have sleeping problems. Missing your full 8 hours of sleep can have an effect on your condition. So make sure that you get enough rest everyday and try stick to a routine.

6. Snacking too much

Snacking can lead to possible weight gain, which causes more stress on your weight bearing joints. Quite simply, addition weight leads to more pain for arthritis sufferers.

7. Not protecting your joints

Joint protection doesn’t have to be conspicuous or restrictive. Often, wearing a compression sleeve while exercising or on occasions where you anticipate a lot of activity is all it takes. Know that you have options available that can help minimize damage to your joints.

8. Giving in to the stress of daily life

Stress is almost inevitable in daily life, but not finding ways to manage it can make it more difficult for people suffering from arthritis to manage the challenges imposed by their condition. Stress lowers immune function, and heightens your susceptibility to other diseases so be sure to find ways to unwind and relax. 

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