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医師によって開発された、銅張りのゴルフ用リストブレースは、比類のない手首の負担軽減を実現し、お気に入りのアクティビティをお楽しみいただけます。快適な圧縮素材と調節可能なストラップ システムで作られたこのブレースは、フリーサイズのソリューションで、常に最高のパフォーマンスを発揮できます。手首の痛みとはおさらばして、一日中ゴルフを楽しみましょう。

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  • Enhanced pain relief with copper lining
  • Adjustable strap for perfect fit
  • Supports various wrist conditions
  • Comfortable for all-day use
  • Perfect for sports like golfing

  • Wrist support while golfing
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Thumb arthritis
  • Tendonitis or tendinopathy
  • Ganglion cyst
  • Ulnar wrist pain
  • Wrist sprain/strain


Customer Reviews

Based on 3291 reviews
Edward Lauermann
Great product and customer service

This bracelet works great. It's solid enough to stabilize the tendons, but strong enough to help limit too much flexibility and protect the tendinitus injury. Easy order process and immediate shipping. Very clear instructions.

Eveline Sutch
Continued Activity!

Unlike other wrist supports, this one gave me the freedom of movement, while taking pressure off the muscle between my thumb and forefinger. Less pain too!

Amraffis@gmail.com Raffis

Copper Lined Wrist Support [Single]

Megan Boomershine
Provides excellent support and mobility for crafting

I really appreciate how this product provides support for my wrist while I engage in my hobbies. As someone who spends a lot of time working on the computer, as well as crocheting and painting, my wrist can become strained. This brace has made a significant difference in alleviating that strain. Additionally, it allows me to maintain flexibility in my hand, which is especially important for me as I have issues with hyperextension. The fact that it is also cute is a bonus! Another great feature is that it comes with a booklet of stretches, which is really helpful. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have larger hands and wrists, the logo may not sit in the right spot, which can be a bit annoying. Overall, I think this brace is a fantastic value for the price. This is actually my second brace - I initially purchased a black one for my computer room, and this pink one is specifically for my crochet supplies so that I never forget to wear it. I can always tell when I forget because my wrist starts to hurt by the end of the day. I highly recommend this brace, especially if you have hyperextension and use your hands frequently!

Fits both hands

The strap around the thumb feels tight. This is my first time using a compression strap and initially, it caused a lot of pain in my wrist. I believe this indicates that it's effective. It's quite warm and my hand becomes sweaty instantly, which I assume is normal. Last night, I wore it for two hours (I don't mind the sweat as much, but I have to wait for it to dry before putting it back on - it's just unpleasant when it's still wet.) The strap itself is very sturdy and stays in place. When I first put it on, my wrist hurt quite a bit. However, after consistently wearing it for two hours, my wrist felt significantly better. I suppose that's how it's supposed to work. I just wish it was more comfortable around the thumb.

Jessica Soberon
Average at best

The quality is decent, but it lacks elasticity. It doesn't provide the level of compression I require. I rated it 2 stars because of some shipping problems, but they promptly replaced it the following day. It offers some mobility, but not as much as expected. Overall, it's just average.

Great for wrist support

I find this compact brace to be extremely effective in providing support for my wrist. It's far more comfortable compared to the bigger brace I received from urgent care. What I appreciate the most is that I can wear it throughout the day without it interfering with my regular activities.






ご購入ごとに、専門のリウマチ専門医が監修した当社独自の Dr. Arthritis ハンドブックが付属します。この貴重なガイドでは、当社の圧縮ツールの科学と、関節炎の症状を緩和する効果の両方が説明されています。査読済みの研究に裏付けられたこのハンドブックは、当社製品の機能を理解し、その治療効果を最大限に引き出すための実用的なツールとして役立ちます。