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Ankle Compression Sleeve

Elevate your Performance and Protect Against Injuries

Our Ankle Compression Sleeve, crafted by Medical Doctors, offers superior relief and support, reducing injury risk. Its comfortable, compressive material effectively manages ankle pain, arthritis, sprains, and more. Trust in our expertise for your ankle health. Ideal for various conditions, it's durable, tailored for optimum fit, and multi-use.

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  • Provides relief and support for various ankle conditions
  • Helps prevent further ankle injuries
  • Comfortable, durable material for long-term use
  • Custom-fit sizing for optimal comfort and effectiveness
  • Developed by medical professionals for trusted quality

  • Arthritis (osteo, rheumatoid, psoriatic & reactive)
  • Ankle pain, sprains, or twisted ankles
  • Soft tissue and sports-related injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendon injuries

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gale R. Howard
\"Absolutely Amazing Product\"

I received this product from my niece and it worked wonders on my ankles. I immediately purchased an extra pair as a backup!

Casey Zettl
Great product!

As someone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I often experience sprains and tendon tears that need extra support during the healing process. These ankle supports are my second pair, as I've tried various other brands before. I used my previous ones so often that they eventually wore out over time. I was thrilled to find out that I could still purchase the same type. I highly recommend these to anyone who requires additional joint support for everyday use or for sports activities!

Misplaced Silicone

The length is excessive and the silicone inserts do not provide any benefit for my needs. This is in contrast to my experience with four other similar products.

Claire R
Excellent quality ankle support

After having positive experiences with other Doctor Arthritis products, I decided to give this ankle support a try for my joint pain. I was pleasantly surprised by the superior thickness and sturdiness of the material compared to their knee supports. Despite its stretchiness, the support maintains a snug fit without feeling loose. Initially unsure about the size, I went with a medium since I wear a size 6, and it fits perfectly. The support provides effective compression without being overly tight and is incredibly comfortable. I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional quality of this product.

Ruth Pewtress
I actually needed a size Medium

My Achilles tendon was bothering me, but now I'm doing pretty good. No more pain.

Great product

I don't have any complaints, but it is slightly uncomfortable. However, I believe I will adjust to it over time. The fit is a bit snug, but it has provided significant assistance. Thank you!

Definitely worth it

A few months ago, I had a little mishap with my ankle, and even now, I still experience occasional pain depending on how my foot moves. However, once I put on this support, it may be a bit of a struggle to get it on due to its tightness, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it. My ankle feels so much more stable, and I barely even notice the support is there. Once again, Dr. Arthritis has delivered exceptional support. In fact, I'm such a fan that I own two pairs of their gloves.



Our products undergo a meticulous calibration process, grounded in scientific principles and rigorously tested protocols, to ensure unparalleled medical accuracy. Designed to meet stringent quality benchmarks, each item is verified by medical professionals to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Whether you are seeking effective arthritis management or broader joint health solutions, you can trust in the exactitude of our scientifically calibrated tools.



Each purchase includes our exclusive Dr. Arthritis Handbook, curated by expert rheumatologists. This invaluable guide clarifies both the science behind our compression tools and their efficacy in alleviating arthritis symptoms. Backed by peer-reviewed research, the handbook serves as a practical tool for understanding our product's functionality and maximizing its therapeutic benefits.