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Ladies Heated Mittens/ Heat Therapy Gloves & Dr. Arthritis Handbook with Microwavable and Lavender Scented slot-in Heating Pads

Experience Instant Relief from Arthritis with Heat Therapy

Experience the soothing warmth of our Women's Heated Mittens, designed to alleviate chronic arthritis symptoms. These gloves target hand pain and stiffness, enhancing your life quality. Ideal for those with arthritis, muscle stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, or nerve pain. Features include heat-retaining fabric, microwavable lavender-scented heating pads, and a handbook with treatment options and exercises.

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  • Thick fabric retains heat, providing effective pain relief
  • Microwavable pads offer convenient and fast relief
  • Lavender scent aids in relaxation and stress relief
  • Includes handbook with treatment options for comprehensive care
  • Hand and wrist exercises enhance strength and mobility

  • Arthritis sufferers seeking relief from hand pain
  • Individuals with muscle stiffness or spasms
  • Those experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve pain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
J. Williams
Beware of Potential Fire Hazard!

Although I had to constantly fix the leaking seeds to prevent them from spilling out, I actually enjoyed using these. However, my positive experience quickly turned into a nightmare when the seeds unexpectedly ignited and started a smoldering fire on my bed. I only realized this several minutes later.

needs smaller sizes or elastic for better fit

The heat pads retain warmth for a sufficient duration, however, the mitts are excessively large, making it impractical to walk while wearing them. They simply hang loose, failing to properly cover the hands with the pads. To address this issue, the manufacturer should consider offering the mitts in smaller sizes or incorporating an elastic or drawstring mechanism for a snugger fit and better heat retention on the hands.

Core Independence, Llc
Heat that lasts all day

Perfect for daily use, providing long-lasting heat to protect arthritic fingers from any additional damage after a day of use.

They're really comfortable.

In my opinion, this is a great option for people with arthritis.

It feels so good!

It feels so good! I have arthritis and it really relieves my hands! ...but the lavender smell will probably fade away with time!

Eric Horton
Great Fit

I really appreciate how these gloves are able to accommodate larger hands. However, I am not a fan of the heat pads as they tend to fold and do not stay in place.

Amazing Headphones. The Best

I purchased these gloves as a gift for my grandmother and she absolutely adores them ????

Scientifically Calibrated For Medical Accuracy

Scientifically Calibrated For Medical Accuracy

Our products undergo a meticulous calibration process, grounded in scientific principles and rigorously tested protocols, to ensure unparalleled medical accuracy. Designed to meet stringent quality benchmarks, each item is verified by medical professionals to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Whether you are seeking effective arthritis management or broader joint health solutions, you can trust in the exactitude of our scientifically calibrated tools.



Each purchase includes our exclusive Dr. Arthritis Handbook, curated by expert rheumatologists. This invaluable guide clarifies both the science behind our compression tools and their efficacy in alleviating arthritis symptoms. Backed by peer-reviewed research, the handbook serves as a practical tool for understanding our product's functionality and maximizing its therapeutic benefits.