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A Review of the Dr. Arthritis Copper Lined Wrist Brace: Is It Right for You?

A Review of the Dr. Arthritis Copper Lined Wrist Brace: Is It Right for You?

As a social media influencer, I’m constantly on my phone or computer. It’s an unavoidable part of the job, so it perhaps comes as no surprise to many that over the years I’ve started to struggle with wrist pains and aches from psoriatic arthritis and carpal tunnel. At first, the pain was mild enough that I could power through the day and get enough rest for the next. But eventually, it started creeping up on me, and I realized I needed to find some sort of solution for it. What were my options?

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Available Treatments For Pain in Your Wrists/ Arthritis

  • Medicine

Doctors can prescribe you a range of medicine to help alleviate symptoms and improve your condition, such as acetaminophen but taking medicine like this is no miracle cure. You have to ask yourself or your doctor questions like: will this be a short-term prescription or something I’ll need to take as long as I keep typing away? Do I take other forms of medication that might interfere? Is this even a healthy option?

Medication is a good treatment for many. But in my situation, I need something that would help me fix the underlying cause, not just alleviate my symptoms.

  • Surgery

Getting surgery is another option. It does help people with severe arthritis, but the downsides of surgery (reduced movement post-surgery, expense, and others) meant it was not the right option for me.

  • Compression & Support

If you’re like me, this is the obvious choice and solution for your wrist pain. A wrist support for arthritis (like the Dr. Arthritis copper-lined wrist support) is a non-invasive solution that gives you support throughout the day without any of the risks associated with medicine or surgery. Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, many tout the benefits of wrist support and highly recommend it. So, I decided to give them a try.

What Are the Best Wrist Support Options For Arthritis?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned trying different products on the market, it’s that finding the right wrist support for arthritis is not an easy task. In fact, sometimes the simplest products are the most difficult to get right. To add to your plethora of choice, there are different types of wrist supports , braces and sleeves – how do you know which to get?

Those that suffer from arthritis may find their pain originating from different areas of the hand or wrist. Some have painful thumb joints, while others get pain in their wrists. Ultimately, the location of your arthritis will depend on several factors, including what activities you’ve been doing, whether there is any genetic predisposition at play, and much more. Add a range of other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome to the mix too, and you’ll soon realize there isn’t an all-encompassing solution. Here are some of your options:

  • Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves are a great way to help with blood flow and pain relief. They offer reliable joint support while providing flexibility, making it a great choice of daily wear or during exercise.

  • Splints

Splints are most commonly used for those suffering from joint pain related to an injury. They help keep your wrist in a stable position and minimize movement that could inhibit your body’s natural ability to heal.

  • Braces

A solid wrist support brace is what I ended up buying. They help keep your wrist in a neutral position, which is especially handy when typing away on a computer, and work to reduce swelling and pain in the area. You can get wrist braces for your thumb, wrist, and even larger ones specifically designed to help with carpal tunnel.

Benefits of the Dr. Arthritis Copper Lined Wrist Support

Just like many others that stumbled into 2022 with wrist pain from staying at home all day on their computers dodging the pandemic, I was relieved to find a wrist support brace that finally lived up to its reputation. Here are some of my thoughts after having used it for several months:

  • It’s Incredibly Comfortable and Easy to Wear

This is obviously one of the most important parts of a good wrist support brace. Putting it on is as easy as slipping it on your wrist and wrapping the Velcro strap around it. Once on, the fabric is comfortable and extremely breathable. This is great if you live in a hot weather climate, as your hands won’t start sweating while wearing it. As a general rule of thumb, if it isn’t comfortable, it probably isn’t doing you any good. The Dr. Arthritis Copper Lined Wrist Support passes this test easily.

  • It’s Effective at Reducing My Swelling and Pain

This wrist support is the perfect companion to my daily routine. It doesn’t hamper anything that I need to do (whether on my phone or computer) and provides just the right amount of support that my wrist needs. At the end of the day, I no longer have to deal with excruciating pain in my wrists, and I can easily carry on with other daily tasks like cooking and washing.

  • It’s Great For More Than One Condition

Like I mentioned earlier, I suffer from a combination of both psoriatic arthritis and carpal tunnel. While both have similar symptoms, treatment is not always the same for both conditions. Having a wrist support brace that I could slap on at the start of the day or when I start typing greatly helped reduce the amount of swelling and pain I was having from my arthritis. The team at Dr. Arthritis created this is as a great solution for a range of conditions, including strains, ganglion cysts, and many others, in addition to my symptoms. Being a practical and simple solution relying on the principles of support and compression, it’s a great tool to have handy at home. 

  • It’s Just Convenient

I didn’t expect this to be one of my favorite parts about it, but convenience is everything. If you’re looking for one of the best wrist braces or supports for arthritis on the market in 2022, look no further. The material is both supportive and flexible; it’s well-made and highly durable, and can be put on or taken off in a matter of seconds. It’s a non-invasive solution that can be used with any medication you may be taking for your condition, it’s also a highly convenient and low-committal way to relieve your symptoms. 

Some Tips on How to Properly Wear it

Like with all wrist support braces for arthritis, the benefits do rely somewhat on you knowing how to wear it properly. The official advice from Dr. Arthritis is to neither wear it too tight nor too loose. This might sound obvious, but a surprising amount of people complain that the wrist support has had little effect on their symptoms (suggesting they are wearing it too loose) or that it’s uncomfortable to wear (suggesting it’s too tight). The adjustable closure has been designed to help you get a perfect fit regardless of your wrist size. 

Overall Ratings

Comfort: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Quality: 4/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Durability: 4/5


Watch my video review of this wrist brace here!

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