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The Best Compression Gloves for Arthritis

For anyone who often experiences painfully stiff and swollen joints on your hands due to arthritis, carpal tunnel or even Raynaud’s syndrome compression gloves can make living with these conditions easier.

Arthritis is one of the most common disabilities and causes of pain across the world, with approximately more than 40 million people in the U.S. alone suffering from this condition. While there are numerous treatment options available, compression gloves are one of the most effective, accessible, and affordable ways to help navigating day to day activities less painful. So while they’re not a cure, they are a great complementary addition to your current medical treatment.

Commonly referred to as arthritis gloves, compression gloves help ease the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis and other similar chronic inflammatory conditions. Moreover, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries can also benefit from wearing compression gloves. Keep on reading to learn how you can choose the best pair of compression gloves that suit your needs and lifestyle.

How can compression gloves help ease pain and joint stiffness?

Compression gloves can help alleviate swelling, discomfort, and stiffness in the joints of your hands in two ways–

First, it can provide warmth and promote overall comfort for your joints; and second, the compressive properties can effectively reduce swelling and joint stiffness by facilitating better blood circulation on top of providing joint support for day-to-day activities. While compression gloves aren’t a replacement for the medical treatment administered by your doctor, they are one of the best non-invasive tools that you can add to your treatment program. However, to make sure you reap all the benefits of your compression gloves, be sure to choose a pair that fits the best. For more details on how compression gloves work check out our in depth blog post here.

What are the benefits of wearing compression gloves?

Wearing compression gloves can help ease the symptoms of painful flare ups associated with joint conditions. Below are some of the benefits worth noting:

  • Pain relief: The compressive properties of arthritis gloves are great at relieving aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands.
  • Improve circulation: Compression can help improve blood circulation, which in turn can help reduce swelling. Additionally, the warmth created by the compression gloves can help soothe stiff and inflamed joints.
  • Improve mobility: Compression can help reduce swelling in the fingers significantly and allow greater joint flexibility.
  • Support joints: Compression gloves that are made with thicker material are an effective way to stabilize and protect the joints in your finger.

How can I find the best pair of compression gloves that are right for me?

When choosing a pair of compression gloves, you need to put your lifestyle and habits into consideration. No matter what kind of compression glove you end up choosing however, remember that have to wear them for eight hours straight to get the best results.

With so many compression gloves to choose from, selecting the best compression glove can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve shortlisted some popular types of compression gloves and outlined their specific benefits and limitations.

Fingerless compression gloves

Best to wear during the day, fingerless compression gloves are great for when you need full range of motion or need to retain a firm grip and use your sense of touch for daily activities and chores. Fingerless compression gloves are also convenient for those who need to type a lot. The downside is that fingerless compression gloves don’t offer as much support compared to full-finger gloves.

Copper compression gloves

Copper infused compression gloves have the extra benefit of providing anti-microbial benefits along with the functionality of a traditional pair of compression gloves. Copper compression gloves are best suited for those who need to improve blood flow and circulation in their hands and fingers to relieve painfully sore and inflamed joints, while having to wear the gloves throughout the day.

Compression gloves with splints

Ideal for people who have weaker hands or fingers, compression gloves with splints are great for providing support, prevent injury and ease pain. The extra support can protect your joints and keep you from sustaining further injury that can exacerbate pain caused by arthritis. However, gloves with splints are not ideal for those who need a high level of mobility in their hands and fingers.

If you are suffering from painful symptoms caused by arthritis or similar conditions that affect your hands such as Raynaud’s syndrome or carpal tunnel, Doctor Arthritis offers a selection of compression gloves designed by doctors and made with the best materials available. Whether you are looking for a pair of full-fingered or fingerless compression gloves, you are guaranteed to find a pair that suits your needs and lifestyle. Shop Dr. Arthritis' selection of compression gloves and wrist support today.

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