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In the first part of this series, we talked about how to deal with the emotional and mental impact of arthritis.

Now, we wanted to tackle the more practical questions that you might have about living with this condition—specifically when it comes to making daily activities that are usually part of anyone’s routine, more manageable.

Our answers are actually culled from the numerous tips and advice that members of this community have given to fellow arthritis sufferers. So if you have more to add, simply leave us a message in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to keep adding it to this list—

How can I make daily chores like cooking and cleaning in the kitchen easier?

  • Plan meals ahead. Not only does this reduce last-minute prep but it also gives you time to work with healthier, joint healthy recipes.
  • Don’t shy away from using kitchen tools and appliances designed for your condition specifically. They’re made to make things easier for you.
  •  Choose kitchen tools with wide handles—they’re a lot better for your joints.

Any advice on how to make laundry and house cleaning easier?

  • Use separate laundry baskets for each family member so you don’t have to sort a huge pile after.
  • If you have to fold and iron clothes, be sure to do so sitting down.
  • Long handles are your friend—it eases the strain on your joints if you don’t have to keep reaching up.
  • Do not try to do everything in one go. Attempt one major cleaning task per day and don’t over exert yourself.

Even taking a shower is difficult now. What can I do?

  • Use a bath stool and place it in your shower.
  • Use a long-handled scrub so you don’t have to twist into uncomfortable positions.
  • Change your knobs and levers that can be easily gripped.
  • Attach a toilet-seat raiser to make it easier to get in and out of the toilet.
  • Install grab bars, especially in areas where you might have trouble getting up.

I can’t even button my shirt, what do you suggest?

  • Wear loose fitting garments.
  • Long-handled shoe-horns and sock aids are available—use them to make getting dressed faster and easier.
  • Use zipper pulls, loop chains or attach a paper clip to zippers to make it easier to grip.
  • Wear slip on shoes or replace shoelaces with garterized or elastic ones.

Any advice for how to stay comfortable in the office?

  • Use an ergonomic chair, you’ll be using it the whole day—make sure you stay comfortable.
  • Use a footrest.
  • Avoid reaching constantly and keep frequently needed files within reach.
  • Add work assist armrests to keep your arms at a comfortable angle.
  • Use an ergonomic keyboard.

Do you have more questions? Do you have any more tips to share? Be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll add it to this list.  


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