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Can Heat Therapy Help for Ankle and Foot Pain?

We all know that heat is an effective pain reliever—and if you suffer from a condition like arthritis, heat therapy is a fast, easy, and non-invasive way to ease your joints.


Warm therapy is best for chronic pain symptoms, especially ones characterized by soreness and dull, consistent pain because it helps improve blood circulation. Heat expands blood vessels and relaxes muscle fibers, which work to relieve pain symptoms and increase your mobility. Additionally, heat therapy helps encourage healing of damaged tissue by increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

What To Look For In Feet Warmers

One of the best ways to target arthritic symptoms in your feet is by choosing a product specifically designed to deliver heat to affected joints—and that’s where foot warmers come in.

Feet warmers are designed to deliver heat in an effective, inexpensive, and non-invasive way. They’re designed to conveniently wrap your feet in a cozy cocoon of warmth as the heat works to encourage healing of damaged tissue, decrease joint stiffness, stimulate joint fluid, and even distract the brain from the pain.

Foot warmers with removable insoles are the most versatile as they’re more portable and can easily be reheated as needed. And choosing a pair that features a sturdy yet plush material ensures that they’re not only durable but can effectively hold the heat in for longer hours as well.

Alleviating Arthritis Pain with Dr. Arthritis

If you’re looking to soothe aching soles and ankles after a tiring day on your feet, or minimize the pain and stiffness on your toes due to chronic pain or joint disorders such as arthritis or conditions like plantar fasciitis, heat therapy might just be the thing you need. And to specifically target these joints and deliver fast pain relief, Dr. Arthritis created the Foot Booties. 

The Dr. Arthritis heated booties come in 2 colors–blue and pink.

Each pair of the Dr. Arthritis Foot Booties are made from plush and cozy materials that you can easily slip over your sore soles, toes, and ankles. 

Heat is delivered consistently through removable lavender flaxseed insoles. Simply place the insoles in the microwave for one minute (at the lowest setting) to heat them up and slide them carefully back into the booties. Gently slip your feet into the booties and wait until it radiates heat through the entire boot. The booties are designed to deliver long-lasting, moist heat from the tips of your toes to ankles. 

Pick up a pair on Amazon or head to our shop page today.

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