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Here’s What Can You Do for World Arthritis Day 2019

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) are notorious for receiving delayed or no diagnosis. World Arthritis Day could change that.

October 12 is meant to bring attention to the fact that early diagnoses for RMDs could not only prevent further deteriorations of your joints, but also improve treatment and intervention—ultimately improving the quality of life of millions of chronic pain sufferers.

So how can you do your part for World Arthritis Day? Check out some of our suggestions below—

1. Be an advocate

World Arthritis Day hopes to influence public policy and make sure decision-makers are aware of the challenges that arthritis and other rheumatic conditions pose for sufferers. Whether you suffer from arthritis or not, we encourage you to be an advocate for yourself or loved ones by signing a petition that supports policies and laws that make healthcare more accessible to more arthritis sufferers.

2. Get Social

Use the hashtag, #ConnectToday and spread the word about World Arthritis Day. Get the word out in your own social circles. Share a treatment or management tip or write some words of encouragement—you’d be surprised at how many people appreciate hearing it straight from people who actually go through the same thing as they do.

3. Tell Your Story

Connect with the arthritis community and share your story. Find a forum, a website, or a community and simply reach out and tell them your personal experience with arthritis. Sharing your struggles and triumphs with your condition is not only informative and insightful for those reading it, it’s also therapeutic for anyone who deals with the disease.

4. Try using arthritis aids and supports

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