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Nearly half of all women, and a quarter of men will experience stiff and painful joints due to osteoarthritis of the hands by the time they reach 85 years old.


The condition is clearly more prevalent than you think. In fact, according to one study, the lifetime risk of hand osteoarthritis can be as much as 40%–and it can potentially lead to reduced hand function and movement restrictions, severely affecting quality of life.

Being a chronic condition, osteoarthritis unfortunately has no cure. But the good news is that medical treatments coupled with lifestyle changes as well as non-invasive tools and aids can help manage symptoms. One such option is the use of finger splints.

A finger splint works by repositioning the finger/s into more relaxed positions so that it puts less stress on the joints. While in a splint, your fingers range of motion is restricted to help minimize pain and swelling, as well as protect the finger from further damage. And when worn consistently, splints can help reduce the pain caused by hand osteoarthritis significantly; a claim supported by a previous study that reports pain symptoms being cut in half after research subjects wore a splint nightly for a full year.

Dr. Arthritis Launches Their New Finger Splints

As a company that continuously advocates the use of non-invasive and accessible tools and aids to improve quality of life, Dr. Arthritis has recently added finger splints to their range of products.

Dr. Arthritis finger splints can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hand, wrist, or thumb injuries, skier’s thumb, trigger finger, mallet finger, post-surgical repair, prevention of repetitive strain injuries, and finger dislocations.

The latest additions to the Dr. Arthritis range of joint aids also come in two colors—black and pink—and are available in two sizes, to ensure the most ideal fit.

As always, every product is backed by its founders’ first-hand medical experience and understanding of joint conditions and a full-team of dedicated customer representatives ready to attend to your concerns. 

Learn more about the Dr. Arthritis finger splints here.

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