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When you suffer from arthritis, it’s important that you track what you eat, that you log your symptoms, monitor your medications, and remember your doctor’s appointments. Dealing with all that, on top of the emotional and physical toll that comes with managing chronic pain, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we live in a time that lets us use technology to let effectively manage your condition. We have aids and tools anchored on advanced technology to alleviate pain, gadgets that help sufferers maintain good quality of life, and of course, apps that can help manage your arthritis. 

Here are a few that, if you haven’t already been using, should definitely claim space in your mobile devices—


Available on iOS for free

Created specifically for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) sufferers, the app lets you track symptoms and even capture snapshots of your data to accurately communicate your physical and emotional symptoms. When it comes managing an ever-changing condition like RA, it’s important to remember that your symptoms won’t always be the same. The app lets you generate an accurate summary report of what you’re feeling and pass the information on to your doctor easily.

My Pain Diary

Available for iOS and Android for $4.99

Perhaps the reason why this particular app feels so intuitive is because it was created by someone who actually goes through chronic pain. The app is highly customizable, depending on your needs and features interactive graphs and calendars that visualize specific patterns and trends. It’s an app designed to track and monitor a more accurate picture of your condition and make it easier to share it with your physician.


Available for Android for free

This app is specifically designed to track your health and exercise data—everything from your mood, weight, BMI, blood pressure, water intake—which are critical to staying healthy and managing your symptoms as an arthritis patient. It’s not specifically designed for arthritic patience, but these features help you maintain a healthy diet and keep active given your condition, with a lot of focus on nutrition.

Track + React

Available for iOS and Android for free

The unique thing about this app is its focus on quality of life. Similar to other apps, it tracks important things like symptoms, pain levels, nutrition, medications, sleep, and mood changes. However, it does so more to understand how your current activities are affecting your condition. Using a proprietary Arthritis Impact graph, it identifies trends and visually illustrates cause-and-effect connections, which you can show your doctor as well.

Body Pain Management Hypnosis

Available for Android for free

Don’t let the name deter you. Remember that most medical practitioners recommend patients to take some time for themselves for meditation and relaxation. This particular app was created specifically by a hypnotherapist whose goal is to give you more control over the pain levels in your body. Reviews on the app are promising, with many touting its ability to put those who use in a state of ease and relaxation.

Important note: These apps are useful, but as with any other medical and chronic condition, it shouldn’t replace regular visits to your physician. So be sure to maintain open communication  with your doctor when it comes to your disease.

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