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Does your hand feel numb? Do you have persistent tingling in your fingers, specifically your index fingers and thumbs? Does your wrist feel uncomfortable and weak? It could be because you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS.)

CTS is a condition caused by pinched nerves in your wrist. It could be caused by your typical daily activities such as extended typing and computer use, playing musical instruments, manual labor, and frequent use of vibrating hand tools.

The discomfort caused by CTS can range from mild to disruptive, which is why, once symptoms begin, it’s important that you try to manage it and see a doctor to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Here are some easy home remedies you can try to get carpal tunnel relief:

1. Take frequent breaks from repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks cause a lot of stress on your hand. Regardless if you’re typing all day at work, or playing the guitar, or using a hand drill, you have to give your hands time to rest and stretch to improve blood flow to your nerves. Try taking a break every 15 minutes.

2. Wear wrist supports

To alleviate the discomfort caused by CTS, keep your wrist straight while you’re working. You can try wearing a compression glove specifically designed to aid with blood flow but still provide ample support as you go about your daily activities. Wearing them at night, when symptoms are also more common, could also help.

3. Be more conscious of your hands

Certain activities prompt you to flex your wrists at extreme angles. Try to be more conscious of this and make sure that your hands are kept at a comfortable angle as much as possible.

4. Stay warm

To manage pain and stiffness, keep your hands warm. Again, this is where the help of compression gloves come in. Try using a fingerless pair to get added mobility while getting the benefits of efficient blood flow and warmth.

5. Elevate your hands and wrists

A quick home remedy for CTS is keeping your hands and wrists elevated. It’s especially effective if your CTS was prompted by fractures or pregnancy.

Keep in mind that while these home remedies are helpful, more serious cases of CTS will require the expertise of a physician. In such cases, your doctor may recommend the use of corticosteroids to manage pain and inflammation, administered via injections. Surgery may also be recommended if the need to relieve pressure on the nerve is more immediate. 

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