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Whether you’re a weekend warrior trying to get rid of built up stress by sweating it out through leisure-sports activities or an athlete training hard for another gold medal, getting an injury always remains a possibility.

Most Common Types of Sports-Related Injuries

According to a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, muscle injuries are the most common and recurring types of injuries that people who do sports experience.

Lower back strain, pulled hamstrings, shoulder impingement, and runner’s knee are often caused by excessive strain, involving lacerations, and contusions to the muscle. In fact, based on the report, almost 90 percent of all sports-related injuries that happen during training or a game are related to muscles.

Because muscle injuries are more prone to recurring, physical therapists have developed special programs to treat these type of injuries. The latest trend in these treatments are compression products which minimize chronic muscle pain during recovery.

Compression Products Used for Treatment of Sports-Related Injuries

For maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time, there are many compression products that are available depending on the kind of muscle injury:

  • Compression Socks for arthritis are suitable if you’re under recovery from shin splits or calf pain. This will help you avoid having swollen feet and ankle caused by the measured compression.

  • Compression Wraps are best for those suffering from back muscle pains. Because wraps conform to the body it can easily cover a large area to stimulate blood flow to damage tissues.

  • Compression Sleeves are often used to improve blood circulation to prevent swelling. It can be used in injuries to both arms and legs.

  • Compression Shorts are often wore by athletes to prevent chafing in sports like cycling, swimming, and tennis.

Benefits of Compression Products to Chronic Muscle Pain Recovery

One of the claims of compression products is that it manages the temperature of the muscles. By keeping it the muscles warm, stiffness and swelling that cause muscles to tear can be avoided.

It’s also been found to increase blood flow that rids the body of lactic acid that’s a by-product of exercise. Several studies, specifically the Montgomery study conducted in basketball players reveal that the use of compression product speeds up recovery time.

Of course, preventing injury is always better than spending a lot of time in rehabilitation. Because of the basic structure and materials used in making compression products, athletes are able to increase their awareness of their movements during training. By being able to understand the way their body works, the chances of injury can be lessened. 

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