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There are many different types of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, while each type of arthritis can develop differently, all of them can affect the hands. Having arthritic flare-ups on your hands such as stiffness, swelling of the finger joints and general pain can not only cause frustration and agonizing discomfort that follows you around as you go about your daily tasks, but it can be mentally taxing. Commonly recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and other arthritis specialists as one of the best non-invasive solutions, compression gloves can act as a support to your regular treatments.

Fortunately, compression gloves have been a proven aid that improves arthritic symptoms by reducing pain, swelling, and even restoring hand function. Compression and heat are a great combination to increase circulation, this effectively reduces inflammation and the symptoms associated with it. Less inflammation in the joints means an increased range of motion, less stiffness, and restored strength in the hands. While they aren’t a cure-all, they can help make pain management easier.

You don’t necessarily need to be suffering from arthritis to benefit from wearing compression gloves. For example, those who have Raynaud’s syndrome can immensely benefit from wearing compression gloves. Compression gloves can efficiently regulate body temperature and prevent or lessen symptoms that are triggered by cold weather, ensuring that your hands are kept warm and pain-free without the need for any invasive treatments.

Compression gloves commonly come in these styles:

  • Compression gloves
  • Fingerless compression gloves

Some compression gloves are also infused with copper, which are great at helping to fight inflammation on top of the benefits you get from wearing regular ones.

How do copper compression gloves differ from regular compression gloves?

While there are many different types of arthritis gloves available on the market, copper compression gloves are the best for those who are looking for more than one way to alleviate pain. The combined firmness and warmth provided by the compression gloves can help externally soothe inflamed joints and offer overall comfort. Additionally, the therapeutic effects and anti-inflammatory properties of copper can improve joint stiffness, limited mobility, and in turn, relieve pain from your hands and fingers.

Moreover, the premium copper material used in our copper compression gloves provides antimicrobial and antifungal properties for an extra layer of protection. The copper-infused fabric can also stimulate oxygen delivery in sore muscles, promoting better blood flow to inflamed joints. This effectively further reduces inflammation and provides better support that accelerates recovery.

Whether you suffer from hand pain caused by arthritic symptoms or other conditions such as Raynaud’s syndrome or carpal tunnel, our selection of compression gloves are made with the best materials on the market. Choose between our full-fingered or fingerless styles, you are guaranteed to find a pair of compression gloves that suit your needs. Shop Dr. Arthritis compression gloves and wrist support now!

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