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Athletes use them, as do pilots, flight attendants, and nurses. They’re recommended for pregnant women and people recovering from surgery and injury.

We’re talking about compression socks—and far from being just sports trends, these accessories actually provide tangible benefits that could be beneficial for numerous medical conditions and help manage pain as well as discomfort.

How? Blood in your veins has to flow back to the heart. When that flow is interrupted due to circulation problems or lack of movement, this will lead to blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet. This results in your legs or feet swelling, aches, and leg fatigue. It could also lead to a venous clot.

What compression socks do is help improve the blood flow and improve comfort by apply gradual pressure in the ankle and foot, thus encouraging the natural flow of blood to the heart.

To that end, here are some major benefits that you can get from using compression socks—

1. When travelling

When you’re travelling, you can expect that there will be a lot of walking around, lining up, standing, and waiting. Add that to hours of being sat down in a cramped seat that can take as long as 18 hours. The limited space and movement can lead to extremely tired legs, swelling and pain. This is why it’s particularly common for compression socks to be worn by pilots and flight attendants. Doing so helps ensure that their legs get proper blood circulation despite the circumstances.

2. While exercising

If limited movement will lead to discomfort, so will constant and extreme training. Exercising can put a lot of strain on your body, especially on your legs and feet. When running, the steady strain you’re putting on your legs will eventually take its toll. Other exercises like cross-fit cause discomfort because of the sudden movements, stretches and pulling that the workout is known for.

Compression socks help lessen the strain that these movements put on your feet. This can help your body recover faster, lessen the strain and reduce lactic acid build up.

3. While recovering from injury

In instances where injuries prevent you from moving around, compression socks help by aiding circulation in the legs. The snug fit of the garment aids in proper blood flow and prevent blood clots from forming, which is common after surgeries.

4. While pregnant

Because pregnant women have an increased blood volume and decreased mobility, especially during the latter part of their pregnancy, blood clots are more common. Pregnant women are especially more prone to a condition called deep vein thrombosis, which can cause leg pain, swelling and redness.

Compression socks for arthritis help them ensure that their legs are healthy and comfortable.

The addition of copper in compression garments have also proven to be particularly helpful, given its antimicrobial benefits. Brands like Dr. Arthritis combine medical expertise and insight with the known advantages of copper to produce a line of compression products known for their efficacy.

Dr. Arthirtis’ collection are made using a high quality blend of 88 percent copper nylon with 12 percent spandex—making it one of the products with the highest copper content available, and ensuring all-day comfort.

The brand’s main mission is to improve the lives of people who suffer from joint and muscle pain—regardless if it’s because they suffer from conditions like arthritis or are recovering from an injury. The line was founded by two practicing medical doctors from Imperial College London, whose on-ground experience and medical expertise contributed to the development of their product line.

Visit shop to check out the entire line and start enjoying the benefits of compression therapy today.

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