What are the best gloves for Raynaud’s disease in 2022?

Dr. S King
Raynaud’s disease is a relatively common condition that affects your body’s ability to circulate blood to areas with thinner blood vessels – like your fingers and toes. Those that suffer from Raynaud’s disease often experience discomfort when they are cold or stressed, while the symptoms include numbness, throbbing pain, pins and needles, and more. If you live in a colder climate, you are likely more susceptible to bouts of the disease. If you have Raynaud’s, one of the best ways to avoid experiencing these symptoms is to wear gloves specifically made for the condition. By keeping your hands warm, you can live an unhindered and normal lifestyle. But with such a wide range of gloves available on the market for countless uses, whether it be skiing, general-purpose, or fashion, how do you choose the right pair?

Different choices on the market

Without knowing much about current Raynaud’s gloves on the market, you should be aware of more common types like skiing gloves, leather gloves and cotton. While these will definitely help with your Raynaud’s, they aren’t specifically designed to do so and will therefore have downsides. Ski gloves, for example, might keep you nice and warm – but they aren’t really suited for board meetings and other formal occasions where you want to make great first impressions. Cotton gloves, on the other hand, might lend themselves to looking a bit more stylish, but they will not keep you as warm as you need to be – especially if you live in a freezing cold climate. There are in fact, other options on the market that have battery-operated heaters embedded into the glove or are made to be microwaved prior to wearing them. All of these can be effective solutions but can also be a bit of a nuisance and effort to use properly.

Copper and silver gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers

Some of the compression gloves customized for Raynaud’s disease sufferers are made out of copper and silver. There are several benefits associated with gloves made out of these materials. Firstly, they don’t have to be too thick, and therefore don’t inhibit your movement anywhere near as much as some other gloves with similar warming capabilities. Secondly, copper gloves and silver gloves, like those we sell at Dr. Arthritis, are great for keeping you warm as they reflect heat given from your hand back inside the glove. Developed by our doctors, our copper compression gloves are great for a number of conditions, including Raynaud’s and are made from 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex. Additionally, both silver and copper have antibacterial properties. Since people with Raynaud’s disease will want to wear the gloves throughout the day, this makes them one of the best choices as they won’t start smelling or become unhygienic. Our gloves also double up as compression gloves for those with arthritis and various injuries. This greatly helps with circulation, which is a vital aspect when it comes to the best gloves for sufferers of Raynaud’s disease. Better circulation means your hands will stay warmer and, combined with the reflective and warming properties of copper gloves, you will be living a much more comfortable life.

A mix between dexterity and warmth

As with all gloves, there is always a trade between dexterity and warmth. For some gloves, dexterity is not nearly as important as keeping warm – think about mittens. But try typing or use your smartphone with them, and you’ll soon give up. At Dr. Arthritis, we understand that those who need to wear gloves for Raynaud’s disease still need to go about their daily business unhindered. Our selection of copper compression gloves features both fingerless and fingered options, allowing you to choose what suits your needs the most.

So, what type of gloves should you choose?

In short, the answer depends on what you want to use them for. When it comes to gloves, there is always a trade-off between warmth, style, and dexterity. What you value the most will dictate which glove is best for you. However, for someone suffering from Raynaud’s disease, copper compression gloves are a clear winner when it comes to an all-rounded option that will provide relief from painful symptoms without hindering your quality of life.

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Dr. S King

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