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Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Mouse & Keyboard & Doctor Written Handbook

Unlock Increased Productivity and Work Longer with Comfort

Our Ergonomic Wrist Rest is your ultimate solution for joint pain and wrist discomfort. It's expertly designed to reduce pressure, enhance hand dexterity, and provide optimal support for all computer users. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless computer tasks. Perfect for those seeking ergonomic support.

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  • Enhances comfort with ergonomic design
  • Minimizes wrist pressure, reducing joint pain
  • Improves hand functionality for comfortable computing
  • Perfect for individuals with wrist discomfort
  • Provides ergonomic support for computer users

  • Joint pain sufferers
  • Individuals with wrist discomfort
  • Those looking to improve hand dexterity
  • Computer users seeking ergonomic support

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Absolutely fantastic ??

The impact this product has had on my work is incredible. It's truly brilliant and the ergonomic design is perfect for supporting your wrist. This product is absolutely fabulous and I'm so grateful for it.

Great advice from my doctor.

I've been dealing with carpal tunnel and my doctor recommended using a special mouse and wrist support while typing on my computer. It really helps alleviate the pain in my wrists. I absolutely love the color of this product and it was super easy to set up. The price was also really good. I want to express my gratitude for the fast delivery.

Sam Beesley

I purchased this product because I spend long hours working on a computer and playing computer games. I often experience hand cramps and I am concerned about my overall health. I decided to try this product to alleviate stress on my joints. It came with a keyboard mat and a mouse mat. The mats have a grippy texture to prevent sliding but are still easy to adjust. The only downside I have noticed is that the fabric used can become a bit scratchy on the wrists after prolonged use. However, I understand that wrist skin is often sensitive, so I'm not sure if there could have been a better material choice.

Decent but not my style

The craftsmanship is impressive and it has an appealing appearance, but unfortunately it doesn't suit my personal taste.

Nina K
Fantastic wrist supports

The wrist supports are covered in a lovely fabric and provide a comfortable place to rest my wrists. So cozy!

Liz King
Great relief for my wrist

Using this cushion has significantly improved my comfort during long office hours. I used to experience severe wrist issues at the end of the day, but now I no longer have to worry about it. I highly recommend this cushion for anyone facing similar problems.

Help has arrived

My grandson was starting to experience carpal tunnel in his dominant hand (the one he uses the most for typing while he uses his other hand for the mouse). I purchased the keyboard attachment for him and he hasn't complained since. I, too, was developing a callus on my dominant hand near the wrist from using the mouse on a hard countertop all day with short breaks, so I wanted the mouse wrist rest for myself. It works perfectly and is soft enough to wrap around my wrist, protecting the base of my palm, while also providing enough support to keep my wrist elevated and alleviate pressure in that area of my hand.



Our products undergo a meticulous calibration process, grounded in scientific principles and rigorously tested protocols, to ensure unparalleled medical accuracy. Designed to meet stringent quality benchmarks, each item is verified by medical professionals to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Whether you are seeking effective arthritis management or broader joint health solutions, you can trust in the exactitude of our scientifically calibrated tools.



Each purchase includes our exclusive Dr. Arthritis Handbook, curated by expert rheumatologists. This invaluable guide clarifies both the science behind our compression tools and their efficacy in alleviating arthritis symptoms. Backed by peer-reviewed research, the handbook serves as a practical tool for understanding our product's functionality and maximizing its therapeutic benefits.