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Toe Straightener Foot Brace

Revolutionize Your Foot Health and Banish Toe Disorders

Suffering from hallux valgus, bunions, or overlapping toes? The Dr. Arthritis Toe Corrector is your painless, non-invasive answer. It alleviates friction, pressure, and inflammation, offering comprehensive relief for common foot issues. Ideal for sports injuries or discomfort from tight footwear. Lightweight and durable, wear it all day or overnight.

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  • Provides painless correction for toe joint disorders
  • Significantly reduces friction, pressure, and inflammation
  • Lightweight for comfortable all-day wear
  • Durable for effective overnight use
  • Helps alleviate pain from tight footwear

  • Hallux valgus
  • Bunions
  • Overlapping toes caused by inflammatory and chronic diseases
  • Sports injuries
  • Pain from wearing tight footwear

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lisa Fornillo
Arthritis support that works

I bought the Dr. Arthritis Toe Straightener Foot Brace to relieve the arthritis pain in my big toe. I was pleased to find that the box contains two braces, which is a nice bonus. The brace is also able to fit comfortably inside my Topos and Halflingers shoes, which is definitely a plus. One suggestion I have is to wear thin and comfortable toe socks before applying the brace, and then wear regular socks over it. I've noticed that the material can be a bit abrasive when worn without socks, especially at night. For nighttime comfort, I highly recommend bamboo fiber or very soft cotton toe socks. It's important not to wrap the braces too tightly, as this can actually cause more pain. Personally, I've found that these braces have significantly reduced my nighttime toe pain. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Safiya Crewe
Poor quality but affordable.

I received this product yesterday and it's already showing signs of wear and tear. I purchased it to alleviate my arthritis pain during gym sessions. Initially, it provided some relief but unfortunately, it started causing severe cramps when using the bike machine. However, I must admit that it did help me sleep better.

Feels great

The comfort is amazing and the quality appears to be top-notch

Mr Smith
Ineffective because of inconsistent sizing

Even though it claims to be one size for adults in the description, the splint I got was actually labeled S/M and is too small for my size 12 feet. As a result, it lacks the necessary force to be truly effective. I believe it would work much better if it were larger.

Lesie Truslow
Did the job

I utilized this product to immobilize my fractured big toe, preventing any unwanted movement during the healing process.

C. A.
Not for me, but...

It didn't work out for me personally, but it might be effective for someone else. Just avoid ordering the pink color! Keep in mind that you'll probably want to relax in bed with them on your feet because it's too difficult to walk around with them on. However, there was one time when I forgot and got up to go to the kitchen for a snack. I carefully walked out to the kitchen with them on because they are a hassle to take off and put back on. The pink ones tend to get dirty on the bottom, especially if your floors aren't perfectly clean. And mine aren't dirty, but I was worried they would eventually get dirty. What would I do then? Keep ordering another pair over and over again?

As advertised

Functions just as it was advertised



Our products undergo a meticulous calibration process, grounded in scientific principles and rigorously tested protocols, to ensure unparalleled medical accuracy. Designed to meet stringent quality benchmarks, each item is verified by medical professionals to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Whether you are seeking effective arthritis management or broader joint health solutions, you can trust in the exactitude of our scientifically calibrated tools.



Each purchase includes our exclusive Dr. Arthritis Handbook, curated by expert rheumatologists. This invaluable guide clarifies both the science behind our compression tools and their efficacy in alleviating arthritis symptoms. Backed by peer-reviewed research, the handbook serves as a practical tool for understanding our product's functionality and maximizing its therapeutic benefits.