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Sometimes, an arthritis diagnosis can be so overwhelming that we overlook the fact that there are numerous things we can do to make our life easier. In fact, the smallest tweaks to our daily routine can make a world of difference.

Here are a few that you should consider—

1. Use handy tools and aids designed to improve your mobility

There a lot—and we mean a lot—of available gadgets, aids, accessories, and tools available today that’s meant to help you move through daily life faster and easier.

For example, most hand arthritis sufferers swear by those cheap, plastic car key covers that slip right over the top. It makes the key easier to grip, making it so much easier to twist when you start the car or lock your doors.  And compression gloves or sleeves have proven to be useful during colder seasons when our joints seem to get extra stiff and painful.

For a  full list of suggested tools and aids, click on our previous posts below—

2. Consider swapping soda for water

Remember that it’s important to maintain a healthy weight when you have arthritis to ease the load on your joints.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to swap out your soda for water. Water can help prevent incessant snacking and curb your appetite. In addition, chemicals in soda are said to cause your appetite to spike, not to mention the volume of processed sugar that soda contains.

3. Remind your pharmacist to use arthritis-friendly caps for your prescriptions

Most medicine bottles come in child-safe, tamper-proof caps for safety. But they can be very difficult to open for arthritis sufferers. Remember to inform your pharmacist about your condition and always request them to not use childproof caps when you go refill your medicine.

Just be sure to keep your medication in a safe place away from the reach of children.

4. Keep a hot and cold pack handy

Warm and cold compresses are your friends. If you need to bring down swelling of a particular joint, grab the ice pack and place it gently on the affected area. It should numb the spot, reduce inflammation, and bring down swelling—which is especially useful during a flare.

If your joints are feeling stiff, apply a warm compress on your joint and it should help stimulate blood circulation and flow.

5. Switch to satin sheets and pajamas

With our condition, it’s hard to even do the most basic things—like getting in and out of bed or our pajamas.

We typically opt for cotton for our bed sheets and sleepwear because it’s airy and cool. But a smoother fabric, like satin, would allow you to literally slip in and out of bed easily without having to fight the covers or change your clothes quickly without struggling. 

For more tips and guidelines, be sure to follow our Facebook page, or check out our blog regularly. And as always, if you wan to share more tips on how you can better manage your arthritis, feel free to add to this list below.

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